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Who We Are

AfriNotes is one of the leading African clothing companies that offer a variety of unique, handmade African attire. We are committed to providing high-quality clothing made with care and from the finest materials. All AfriNotes products are handmade by hard-working African women striving to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. 

Most notably, five of the artisans producing fabrics and designs were trained by the renowned Chief (Mrs.) Oyenike Monica Okundaye. She’s known for her artistry and expertise in “Adire” fabric processing and traditional dyeing methods. You won’t see these special, one-of-a-kind African-inspired designs in any store near you. Check out the new styles today!

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Our Mission

Here at AfriNotes, our mission is to help African women rise up out of poverty by providing them a platform to sell handmade African clothing and accessories. We are dedicated to providing amazing traditional, African-inspired designs to share with audiences around the world. Our goal is to offer the trendiest styles, at reasonable prices, with the best customer service. With years of experience, we take pride in bringing the best handmade African designs right from Africa.

To advance the mission, Ripples Foundation supports program participants with a range of resources from education, funding in the form of microfinancing loans, to procuring and supplying the materials and tools required to make the clothing or jewelry.

Investing In The Future

To further invest in the women and help them build a healthy foundation for growth, AfriNotes commits to follow Fair Trade best practices by:


Paying 15% Above Market Value

Supply Materials

Needed To Make Clothing or Jewelry


Women Receive 10% of Net Profits

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An organization committed to empowering African women with the tools and resources to help lift them and their communities out of poverty.

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