Handmade Beaded African Necklaces in a Variety of Colors


These beautiful handcrafted beaded African necklaces are the perfect accessory to coordinate any outfit. Create your own look by combining necklaces and alternating the length for a layering effect adding both style & flair!

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Each necklace is handmade and would make a perfect gift for any women or young girl in your life. Plus, so many colors to choose from.

Vibrant Colors: The dramatic African Beaded Necklace is available in vibrant color combinations and designs. The more traditional and playful bright opaque colors; red, yellow, blue, turquoise, orange, white, green, with dense black and white. These amazing color combos make the necklace look gorgeous.

Premium Quality Necklace: The Beaded Necklace is a handcrafted using the finest quality glass beads by skilled artisans. African art incorporated with detailing to create the finest, one-of-a-kind piece.

Bohemian Vibe: These amazing African necklaces are a true representation of Bohemian style and give a truly remarkable, unique vibe.

Lightweight and Adjustable: African jewelry pieces are easy to wear because of their light weight design. These tube necklaces have elasticity that provides adjustability to the necklace.

Create Your Own Effortless Style: With a handmade tribal necklace you can effortlessly create your own look with these stylish pendant necklaces – dressing up your casual look of jeans, skirts, or for special occasions. Pair these necklaces with a couple boho-inspired rings to accentuate the African look.

Style Tip: Purchase a Necklace Extender to change-up your look. The extender allows you to add length to your necklace(s). We found one on a popular online site!

NOTE: Each purchase is only one necklace. Estimated size per necklace is 14 inches long.


Black, Blue, Blue 2, Gold, Green, Multicolor, Pink, White


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