Multilayered Maasai Jewelry Boho Style Tribal Necklace


Beautiful, colourful, multilayered, beaded necklaces.

These necklaces can also be doubled as bracelets when wrapped around twice.

These vibrant and colourful necklaces are the perfect statement piece to match with any outfit.

These beaded necklaces are hand crafted and bespoke, a perfect way to show off your style.

They follow a traditional African style, and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

These are super versatile and will go with either a day to day outfit or work well with more formal outfits.

Giving Back:

Sanamo supports Ripples Foundation USA, (ripplesfoundation.org) a non-profit dedicated to giving African village women a ‘Hand-up’.

All AfriNotes products are made by African women on Ripples programs.

Support Ripples and help women work their way out of poverty, by supporting them in setting up their own businesses.

10% of all profits goes directly to support Ripples women programs.

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Product Features:

  • Vibrant Colors: the dramatic African Masaai Necklace is available in vibrant color combinations and designs. The more traditional and playful bright opaque colors; red, yellow, blue, turquoise, orange, white, green, with dense black and white. These amazing color combos make the necklace look gorgeous.
  • Premium Quality Necklace: The Masaai Beaded Necklace is a Handcrafted using the finest quality glass beads by skilled artisans. African art incorporated with detailing to create the finest jewelry piece.
  • Bohemian Style: the amazing African necklaces are a true representation of Bohemian Style, these necklaces give a truly remarkable and unique vibe.
    Chunky Beads: The African Masaai Necklace are embellished with chunky beads. The intricately beaded laces give a retro and trendy look.
  • Lightweight and Adjustable: The African jewelry pieces are very relaxing and easy to wear because of their light structure. These tube necklaces have elasticity that provides adjustability to the necklace.
  • Create your own effortless style: with Handmade tribal necklace you can effortlessly create your own style these stylish pendant necklaces with dresses, jeans,or jumpers. You can also pair these with couple of boho-inspired rings to accentuate the African Masaai look.
  • A Perfect Gift: The African Masaai Necklace is a lovely gift for your loved ones, these interesting jewelry pieces look remarkable and stylish. A classy way to style up modern and exceptional.Product Description:
    Are you looking for a simple but traditional style necklace the ones that are versatile and go with anything? Or do you want to wear beaded African Jewellery with Modern Touch?
    Look No further, Handmade African Masaai Necklaces are an incredible collection of African beaded Necklace.

Variety of African Necklace
If you love African & tribal-style jewelry, you’re going to love our collection of African Masaai handmade beaded necklace. Whether you’re looking to create bold beaded necklaces, chunky, multilayered, single-layered or a uniquely crafted African-style Necklace, you’re certain to find the perfect piece of your taste from our tribal pieces.

Intricate Details
The beads have a range of forms from rondelle seed beads to square tube form, with some longer tubes and some circular beads. They show a varied array of bright colors, often dense black and few stripey ones.

Chic and stunning Necklace Pieces
The chic necklace is the best way to add elegance to your look, it looks stunning even when we talk about the most free-spirited, relaxed and nomadic fashion. These necklaces are meant for people with artistic and easy-going people who love to stay in their comfort zone.

However, just a small detail such as a beaded necklace could change this easy-going look and turn into a very chic, but bohemian-inspired style.

A romantic gift for your dear ones, An appropriate jewel for any occasion.

So get trendy by wearing gorgeous African Necklace, click on “Buy Now”

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Multicolour 1, Pink, Purple, Yellow


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